Knee Pain & The Helix

One of the most common issue facing many exercisers is knee pain during a workout or, in more serious cases, pretty much all the time.  At a recent trade show for club owners, gym managers, and trainers, therefore, we were gratified by the number of attendees who stopped at the Helix exhibit (after a brief workout on either a Helix Upright or Recumbent) and mentioned how great the machine was for their knee pain.1  A sampling of comments from the video clip:

I have knee problems…I have trouble standing, walking, sitting…I didn’t feel ANYTHING with the Helix...NOTHING…It was FANTASTIC!

 I was apprehensive b/c I have a problem with my knees…After I used the Helix my knees not only didn’t hurt but actually felt more flexible than when I started…(Helix lower body exercise) is actually what HELPS your knees by building strong quads, abductors, and adductors.

My right knee’s been bugging me...The Helix madce my thighs burn and my butt burn and I felt it right away,,,and it didn’t make my knees hurt…Obviously no impact on your knees, so that’s cool.

So what’s going on with Helix & knee pain?

Because of the unique, patented Helix Motion® built into all Helix Lateral Trainers, with proper form & usage Helix training activates your entire lower body musculature, i.e., 360° that includes the glutes, hamstrings, quads, inner thighs, and outer thighs.

Stated differently, ALL OF THE MUSCLE TISSUES THAT SUPPORT YOUR KNEES ARE ACTIVATED BY HELIX LATERAL TRAINERS!  This absolutely cannot be achieved with conventional treadmills, ellipticals, etc., and explains why Helix Motion® is currently being licensed by major manufacturers of specialized rehab & therapy equipment across the industry. When your entire lower body musculature is activated, it immediately impacts your knee pain and overall conditioning in several ways:

• First, and beginning with that initial workout, the muscles begin to strengthen & develop your knees’ natural support structure which is suddenly turned into an internal knee brace that stabilizes your knees from the inside-out.

• Second, this 360° muscle activation burns huge calories which, in turn, can help to address the second leading cause of knee pain/injury/re-injury – too much weight. Since Helix training is significantly more efficient – less time, more calories burned – than other cardio machines, with consistent use it helps achieve weight loss objectives at the same time it is developing the key muscles protecting your knees.

• Third, as you begin to control/lessen your knee pain, your tolerance for increased cardio exercise & intensity increases because you feel better and…HELIX TRAINING IS FUN! In other words, with decreased knee pain you’re able to increase your training which, of course, improves your cardio conditioning & overall health.

There is, of course, a broad spectrum of knee injuries and you should always seek medical advice before undertaking any post-injury exercise.  In many cases, including those ranging from working through a sprain to undertaking intensive physical therapy, Helix Lateral Trainers can play an important role in accelerating recovery and, of course, decreasing knee pain.  One more reason why HELIX IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE CARDIO MACHINE EVER BUILT!

1 It’s estimated that 100 million Americans currently suffer from chronic knee pain and that number is growing – millions more men & women incur a variety of serious knee injuries EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Sprains, hyperextensions, damaged cartilage, torn ACLs, dislocations, patellar fractures – whatever the specifics of the injury, knee pain is the second most common source of chronic pain in Americans.