Frequently Asked Questions

Lateral Training

There are three planes of human motion. Traditional cardio trainers like bikes, steppers, treadmills and ellipticals, move the body in one plane of motion only, and as a consequence, they focus their work on the fronts and backs of the lower body only. Helix® Lateral Trainers work the body in all three planes of human motion. This means that more muscles are being worked during every moment of a workout, translating to increased calorie burn and quicker achievement of targeted heart rates.
Numerous clinical studies have shown that Helix® is extremely effective, working more muscles, burning more calories and achieving targeted heart rates more quickly than other cardio equipment. Further, some of the fittest people on the planet use Helix® Lateral Trainers to keep a competitive edge, including professional sports teams like the New England Patriots, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the LA Lakers.
Absolutely, which is why many professional sports teams--like The New England Patriots, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the LA Lakers--use Helix® Lateral Trainers as part of their training protocol. Lateral or side to side movement is crucial to most sports, including ice hockey, tennis, golf, skiing, football, squash, and soccer. Traditional cardio trainers like bikes, ellipticals and treadmills simply do not work the lateral muscles of the body. Helix® Lateral Trainers enable athletes to train these muscles while they build their endurance.
Lateral training is a non-impact exercise, making it a safe choice for those looking for a rigorous workout that still protects their joints.
The Helix® Lateral Trainer is considered safe for those with hip pain and in fact increases the mobility of the hip joint. We always recommend checking with your physician or physical therapist for guidance if you have injuries or have undergone surgery.
Yes. Helix® Lateral Trainers are a ‘closed chain’ exercise that is also non-impact. Further, because they strengthen the knee’s most crucial support muscles, Helix® Lateral Trainers are perfect for most users with knee pain. In fact, many physical therapists recommend working on a Helix® Lateral Trainer for those who are planning to undergo, or who are recovering from, knee replacement surgery. After surgery, we always recommend checking with your physician or physical therapist for guidance about when it is appropriate to begin training again.
Helix® Lateral Trainers are an excellent choice for seniors for many reasons. First, they have been shown to dramatically and quickly improve balance by strengthening the side muscles of the body and correcting common strength imbalances that can contribute to fall risk. Second, they are non-impact, so they are safe for hips and knee joints, even for many who suffer from joint pain or arthritis. Finally, they enable older exercisers to work on their cardiovascular system while they safely build muscle strength. For older or deconditioned users, or those with existing balance issues, we recommend our recumbent models.

Product Questions

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We recommend consulting our guide to which model is best in which setting.
While each model provides the same type of lateral training, Helix® Lateral Trainers are classified according to how much use they will receive. Residential models are built for daily use in a home. ‘Light commercial’ models are built for an average of four hours use per day, such as in a physical therapy setting for example. Commercial models are designed to be used in a gym or other professional setting with multiple users all day, every day.
Helix® is a small, family-run company and is proud to employ workers in Massachusetts, California and Washington State. As with all fitness products, Helix® Lateral Trainers are made in China but as a company, we fully support ‘Made in the USA’ and seek to provide American jobs. We do NOT outsource any of our engineering, development, customer service, accounting, fulfillment or quality control services.
Helix® Lateral Trainers are shipped partially assembled; the consumer does need to complete assembly. This process typically takes about 1 hour and can be done by one person. We also offer assembly service. For an additional charge, the Helix® will be assembled in the room of your choice. This option is available upon check out.

Customer Service

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Helix® Lateral Trainers feature different warranties according to the model. Please consult the comparison page for your model here:
Unlike many cardio machines, such as treadmills which need regular maintenance such as alignments, Helix® Lateral Trainers were designed to be maintenance free.

Product Specifications

H905-3D, Eco Essential: The unit’s footprint is 36” x 48” (91 cm x 122 cm) and weighs 225 lbs
H1000-3D, Digital Essential: The unit’s footprint is 42” x 42.5” (107 cm x 108 cm) and weights 162.2 lbs
HLT3500-3D, Club Connect: The unit’s footprint is 42” x 42.5” (107 cm x 108 cm) and weighs 194 lbs
H905-3D: The maximum user weight is 300 lbs/136 kg
H1000-3D: The maximum user weight is 300lbs/136 kg
HLT3500-3D: The maximum user weight is 350 lbs/159 kg

Return Policy

Helix® offers a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. Please note, Helix® makes every effort to ship your orders the very next business day. Therefore, any order not cancelled within 48 hours of order will incur a $400 restocking fee plus return freight charges.