Why Helix® is superior

Bikes, treadmills, ellipticals: they all work the body one way: moving in a front-to-back plane. Helix® turns tradition on its side -- literally-- and moves the body in all 3 planes of human motion. With full 3D, your heart rate gets to targeted range faster and you use more muscles every second of a workout, which means you burn more fat than during a traditional workout. Plus, Helix®’s internationally patented motion super tones your butt, your core, and even the hard-to-target inner and outer thighs. Traditional cardio machines just can’t do that.

Most Effective Cardio Training Ever

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    Side to side

    Traditional machines concentrate work on the front and back of the legs: a Helix® 3D workout sculpts the entire lower body 360°.

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    Better than ellipticals

    A clinical study found Helix® outperformed a leading elliptical on 4 out of 5 muscle groups, with 55% more core activation, 50% more outer thigh activation and 39% more glute activation.

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    Comprehensive workout

    Helix® users achieve target heart rates faster and activate more muscles than traditional cardio users. End result? Not just a better workout, but a better workout in less time.

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    Save time

    Our lateral motion gives you better results in less time. In fact, a full Helix® workout delivers cardio and toning benefits in half the time of a spin class.

From the scientists…. why Helix® is better

Multiple clinical studies have shown our patented motion gives better results in less time. Move in 3D and you’ll activate more muscles, more quickly, all while torching more fat than with old-fashioned technology, according to studies conducted at the University of Tampa, Northwestern University and High Point University.

  • +55%

    More Core Activation

    Want a toned midsection? You won’t get it on a spin bike….or a treadmill, elliptical or stepper. With Helix®, your core muscles are continually activated throughout your entire cardio workout.

  • +39%

    More Glute Activation

    With Helix®, you work the total lower body, front, back and sides. Working the lower body 360® translates to real glute sculpting, something previously impossible doing cardio alone.

  • +50%

    More Outer Thigh Activation

    Unlike traditional cardio, Helix® does not focus only on the fronts and backs of your legs while neglecting half of your lower body. The lateral motion works the inner thighs and those hard-to-target outer thighs for incredible strengthening and toning results while you do your cardio.

  • AND

    Strengthen and protect your knees

    Helix® is zero impact so it is safe for knees. But crucially, it also strengthens knees by super-targeting a muscle key to knee health that nearly every other cardio workout ignores: the Gluteus Medius. Helix® strengthens this muscle every second of every workout.

From real people… why Helix® is better

A workout that can get you fitter in dramatically less time appeals to just about anyone. In fact, we’ve found that Helix® is attractive to users across a broad spectrum, helping all kinds of exercisers improve their game, their bodies, their weight, and even their balance.

Helix® Lateral Trainers in the News

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    Professional Athletes

    Some of the most elite athletes in the world -- like the LA Lakers, the New England Patriots and the Cleveland Cavaliers -- use Helix® in their training protocols. People whose careers and livelihood depend on their fitness choose Helix® Lateral Trainers.

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    Helix® is better at toning what women tell us they want to improve. Saddlebags? Helix® outperforms a leading elliptical by 50%. Glutes? Helix® outperforms a leading elliptical by 39%. Love handles? Helix® outperforms a leading elliptical by 55%. A spin class can’t do that.

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    Weight Loss

    If you want to lose weight, Helix® is a no brainer: when you work more muscles every second of every workout, you burn more fat every second of every workout. Plus, Helix® has been shown to help achieve targeted heart rates 23% faster than other leading cardio machines.

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    Traditional cardio keeps heart and lungs fit, but won’t address the common muscular imbalances that worsen as we age. A clinical study showed lateral training can dramatically improve balance in as little as three weeks, while reducing fall and injury risk and joint pain.

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Which model is right for you?

Which Helix® Lateral Trainer can help you achieve your goals? See our chart to identify the model that is right for each individual.