CPA, Bikini Model, Helix® Lover

Tina Mattis

How many folks can say that their CPA competes as a Bikini Model?  Okay…how about that their CPA is over 50 years old and WINS Bikini Contests?  Meet Tina Mattis from San Pedro, CA, owner of a successful CPA practice for the past two decades and competitive bikini model for the past couple of years.

“I recommitted to working out in about 2012, went back to the gym & started working with trainers.  After about a year though I wasn’t seeing the results I’d hoped for, so I joined a boot camp at the gym run by a trainer who competed in Bikini Contests…I interviewed a coach online and began to think that maybe I could compete.”

Because of her work commitments plus her 6 days-a-week training schedule, Tina concluded that she needed to get some in-home equipment.  When she walked into California Fitness to shop for equipment, they showed her the Helix® Lateral Trainer and her initial reaction was, “Oh Wow”.

Tina Mattis

“I already had a treadmill at home and the Helix® seemed like a perfect compliment. What I really liked about the Helix® was that I could focus on my glutes and hamstrings.  What I had learned was that bikini competitions are won from the back…The judges look at the glutes and hamstrings so, the Helix® was just perfect for this.”

In her first competition, Tina competed in the 35+ and 45+ categories and was thrilled with the outcome.  “I won Second Place in the 45+ category for my 1st competition!  The Helix® helped me bring a really good package to the stage and, for me at least, it was like no other machine I had seen.”

Tina shortly went on to other competitions and was quickly rewarded with a First Place finish (40+ category) in a regional show that qualified her for the nationals competition (her team is called Team Edge).  And, of course, when not training or competing she’s back at her day-job running her family-owned CPA practice in San Pedro.

“I really love the working out and competing…it has helped my overall well-being and confidence level.  Like other areas in my life, I really thrive by conquering one goal and then the next and next.  So, for me at my age, especially, I am pretty proud of myself!”

And so are we – man, do we LOVE success stories like this!


The Helix® Lateral Trainer blows away traditional concepts of lower body training by providing both huge benefits to your core and all of your lower body muscles – glutes, quads, inner thighs & outer thighs, PLUS gives you an intense cardio workout.

FOR ALL WOMEN – the Helix® directly addresses those areas that worry you most – hips, butt & thighs – plus gives you the cardio workout that keeps you going.

FOR ALL MEN – cardio, cardio, cardio!  NOTHING will work your cardio like the Helix® Lateral Trainer.  And by-the-way, watch out…your core & lower body will NEVER be in better shape.

FOR ALL ATHLETES – the only machine designed to focus on your specific requirements – LATERAL STRENGTH & AGILITY.  And the cardio benefits are huge.

FOR  NEOPHYTES – fitness training can be intimidating, but the Helix® Lateral Trainer is designed to be inviting for everyone.  Jump on – it’s intuitive & within 2 minutes you’ll get it…THIS is how to get in shape!