User Spotlight: Renaissance Woman Meets the Helix®

Think you’re busy? Try this: your’re a psychologist, you do stand-up comedy at clubs all around New York City, you write about sex, fitness, and health for news sites like Huffington Post, TIME Heartland, xo Jane and Psychology Standard, you write a personal blog on stuff that interests you, you write (and publish) books on stuff that REALLY interests you, you frequently appear on TV shows (because of the book thing), and YOU ARE A MANIAC ABOUT EXERCISING!

Sound familiar? Of course not. Welcome to the world of Katherine Schreiber, certainly one of the most fascinating Helix® users we’ve ever encountered.

Perhaps the most interesting thing (from our perspective) is that Katherine is essentially the perfect fitness junkie. She is obsessive about getting in her workouts, but recognizes that she has a tendency to go overboard. Enter the Helix®.

“Just to say…this new Helix® is awesome…It’s so different from what I’ve been used to…I really enjoy the challenge it poses to my body, it’s so rare that I recruit those muscles… I specifically wanted the Helix® for this purpose, and it’s great!…THANK YOU!!! Changed my life.”

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