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Thank you for purchasing a Helix® Lateral Trainer, the most effective cardio product ever built!  We hope that it provides you with many years of challenging & enjoyable exercise and helps you reach your fitness goals.

To insure timely service and warranty processing, please register your Helix® with us immediately after assembly.  The serial number requested on the form can be found on the main frame under the Dome Cover by the main upright and is also on the outside of the box.  Please complete and submit one form for each Helix® you have purchased.



HELIX® MODEL       FRAME & WELDS                   PARTS                                      LABOR               
H1000 Touch Lifetime 3 years (retail purchase after 4/1/2018)


2 years (retail purchase before 4/1/2018)

1 year (Assembly by


Authorized Helix® Dealer)


Lifetime 3 years (Commercial)


5 years (Residential)

1 year (US & Canada)
HLT3500 Lifetime 3 years (Commercial)


5 years (Residential)

1 year (US & Canada)

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