Introducing the Epitome of a Satisfied Helix® User

Dr. Serita Gardner is a 5’8”, about-to-be-50 bundle of energy who lives in the Houston area, works as an eye doctor, and exercises like an absolute fiend on her own Helix® Lateral Trainer that she purchased two years ago.

It was obvious during our interview that Serita has an unquenchable thirst for meeting life’s key challenges – looking & feeling younger, keeping in great shape, staying healthy & avoiding injuries – and we’re delighted she’s using her Helix to help reach her objectives.



The two things I like best about my Helix® are it’s challenging and different.

Previously, I had an elliptical trainer that I used 5 days a week, but I was just tired of it and didn’t feel challenged anymore.  Then I saw the Helix® on a TV show about a trainer who prepared contestants for beauty pageants, and I had to give it a try.  And two years later I couldn’t be happier because the Helix offers me a challenge every time I get on it.

I also love the lateral motion because it’s so different and offers so many more exercise options.  I can stand, I can squat, I can bend over, I can go at different angles – and all of these different options use different muscles, so I can really get a thorough workout.



I had to give up street running in college so that’s another reason why I love the Helix® – there is zero impact. 

I used to work out at a gym and if I did the stair stepper, my knees would hurt.  If it did the treadmill, my hips would hurt afterwards.  The Helix® is great because of zero impact – and I’m talking about long workouts!  My knees don’t hurt, my hips don’t hurt…I’d say it is good for anybody, even people with arthritis or joint problems.  It gets cardio going without any actual impact.



People look at me and think I’m 39 but actually I’m almost 50.  I even had a patient who asked me how I get my legs so toned.  When I told her about the Helix® – and told her she couldn’t buy mine – she sat there in the examination chair Googling it! 

It’s never too late to exercise, but there are just too many people who make excuses about it!   I exercise on my Helix® from 6:00 in the morning to 7:40, it’s right there in my house, and I have floor and ceiling fans on.  I do it Monday through Friday, watching Netflix…how can you beat that?