Booty Obsession

Ever wonder why popular culture seems to have developed a Booty Obsession?  TMZ Hollywood Sports took on the subject and actually brought in the World’s #1 Celebrity Trainer, Harley Pasternak, to answer some questions about what’s going on.

As could be expected the TMZ commentators kept things pretty light, but this is serious business for Harley given the staggering list of celebrity booties he has helped create (e.g., Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Sanaa Lathan, Jordana Brewster, etc., etc.).  In fact, depending on your view of the matter Harley can be accused or credited with playing an important role in creating the Booty Obsession.

Discussing the most important factors in getting a movie star butt, Harley had tongue firmly in cheek when he emphasized the importance of choosing your parents carefully.  Turning serious, he recommended exercises such as variations on lunging – the skater lunge, reverse lunge, or step lunge – that use one leg to really get your glutes going.

And then he got to his core recommendation.  “There’s actually a piece of exercise equipment called the Helix® Lateral Trainer that’s like an elliptical machine but goes side-to-side….I’ve used it with Kim, I used it with Megan, all kinds of my female clients, and they really LOVE it for their butts – it’s all about the butt with that machine.”

So if you’re a female and are looking to improve that lower body, you probably want to incorporate some lunges into your workout, and you definitely need to climb aboard a Helix® Lateral Trainer (the good news is that it also will give you the best cardio workout you’ve ever had).

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