Athletic Strength and Conditioning

Athletes don’t just move forward & backward…they need the strength and conditioning to move at all angles, all the time, at a millisecond’s notice.  Just name a sport – tennis, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, skiing. lacrosse – and lateral strength & conditioning is key to performance.  The problem athletes faced was a huge vacuum in lateral training equipment…until the Helix Lateral Trainer showed up.  How about a few words from someone who knows the problem & works with hockey players to address it?

“Great piece of equipment!” was the verdict on the Helix from this video’s hockey Strength and Conditioning Coach.  “The Helix gives you great lateral movement skills, great drive, and great hip mobility.  I recommend it for anyone training for any type of lateral movement.”  Helix provides a SERIOUS workout focused on the entire lower body – quads, glutes, inner & outer thighs – plus your core.

And by the way, IT’S THE MOST EFFECTIVE CARDIO MACHINE EVER BUILT!  Take Coach’s word for it, athletes need to take this thing for a spin!

The Helix Lateral Trainer blows away traditional concepts of lower body training by providing both huge benefits to your core and all of your lower body muscles – glutes, quads, inner thighs & outer thighs, PLUS gives you an intense cardio workout.

FOR ALL WOMEN – the Helix directly addresses those areas that worry you most – hips, butt & thighs – plus gives you the cardio workout that keeps you going.

FOR ALL MEN – cardio, cardio, cardio!  NOTHING will work your cardio like the Helix Lateral Trainer.  And by-the-way, watch out…your core & lower body will NEVER be in better shape.

FOR ALL ATHLETES – the only machine designed to focus on your specific requirements – LATERAL STRENGTH & AGILITY.  And the cardio benefits are huge.

FOR  NEOPHYTES – fitness training can be intimidating, but the Helix Lateral Trainer is designed to be inviting for everyone.  Jump on – it’s intuitive & within 2 minutes you’ll get it…THIS is how to get in shape!