Building better knees through cardio?
You aren’t dreaming.

Many people live in terror of damaging their knees.

Are you one of them?   Knee replacements, arthritis, repetitive stress, and high-impact activities like tennis or running: these can all take a toll on knee health.    

If fitness is important to your life or to your sport, you NEED good knees and no doubt want to protect them. And if you’re already suffering from knee pain, you know that it can really curtain your activities and your fitness and negatively impact your life.

The good news?

There’s a proven cardio modality that isn’t just safe for knees, it’s actually good for them.   So good, in fact, that it is routinely used in physical therapy clinics as rehabilitation for patients who have recently undergone knee replacement surgeries.

It’s called lateral training

And the huge bonus is that it is scientifically demonstrated to be the most effective form of cardio, burning more fat and activating more muscles than running, stepping, biking or ellipticals.   Sounds good, but exactly how can it help fragile knees?

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Traditional cardio ignores your knees at best, and actually harms them at worst. Helix® Lateral Trainers are different. Because only lateral trainers work the total lower body 360 degrees, they target key joint supportive muscles that bikes, ellipticals and steppers completely ignore. For example, they intensively strengthen the Gluteus Medius, one of the most crucial muscles for knee support, and a muscle that is overlooked by traditional cardio--and daily life.  

But Helix® Lateral Trainers aren’t just scientifically proven to be good for your knees—in over ten years of clinical studies, they are actually shown to be the most effective cardio, activating more muscles, improving balance and getting you to targeted heart rate zones more quickly.   A cardio product that gets you in the best shape of your life WHILE protecting your knees for the long haul?   Win/win

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